Josh on the Issues

Public Education

As a child of public education from elementary to college, I place the highest importance upon continuing to honor the promise to our future generations. The state government’s greatest responsibility is our public-school system and we owe it to the kids that are currently in school and those that will follow to ensure that public education programs are fully funded. We need common sense legislation that doesn’t steal from their futures in order to line the pockets of those with a financial interest in charter schools.


Pension Reform

In exchange for coming to work for Kentucky, whether in education, public safety, or other areas of government employment, we made a commitment that as a state we would provide for these folks in their retirement. The Governor’s ideas for reform amount to dishonoring the faith that we all should have in our commonwealth. Kentucky’s public-sector employees deserve better than that. They deserve reform that is conscious of the promise that we, as a state, made to them the day that they started employment with Kentucky. They deserve action by the state Legislature and governor that will work towards fully funding the retirement systems.


Tax Reform

It’s great to go to Frankfort full of ideas that will help better the lives of folks living in the 88th District but we also must be able to pay for those investments in our future. Kentucky’s current tax code is upside down. We have to make changes to the current system and avoid regressive reform.  This means identifying new sources of revenue and anyalyzing our cuts.  It also means being smarter about the nature and use of corporate tax credits and incentives. Nobody likes taxes, but if we are all supporting the growth of our commonwealth’s public services, economy and standard of living then it is a win for each of us. We need sensible reform to the tax system that allows for all of Kentucky’s  residents and businesses to have a stake in supporting a 21st Century Kentucky.



We are all better when everyone in our Commonwealth has access to health insurance. I’ll be the first to admit that the current system isn’t perfect but it is certainly a step in the right direction. Half a million Kentuckians, many living right here in the 88th, have access to healthcare today that didn’t have access just a few short years ago. We should be making it easier for folks, especially our seniors and kids, to get access to everything from preventative medicine to critical care. A Kentucky with better access means a healthier Kentucky and a healthier Kentucky means better healthcare for us all.