Meet Josh

I am proud to call myself a lifelong Kentuckian. I grew up understanding the importance of working to provide for your family as I watched my parents work day in and day out at a Southern Kentucky factory. They instilled in me a deep respect for the values of family, hard work, and a love for our community. Throughout my life I attended Kentucky’s greatest asset – our public schools. From elementary school in Franklin, KY to attending college at the University of Kentucky, I have benefited from the efforts of unspoken heroes, our Kentucky educators. They devoted their time and energy, often times underpaid and lacking in resources, preparing me for the future.

As a small business owner, it has been a privilege grow a company in a community that not only supports but encourages entrepreneurship. While it hasn’t always been easy, I have worked hard to continue practicing the lessons learned from my parents and teachers. I’ve always believed that if you do the right thing, it will reward you now and in the future. This has been one of my personal mottos in business, working with staff, customers, and even competitors.

Just being a bystander has never been in my DNA. Whenever I see something that concerns me, I have always felt the importance to take action. Throughout my life, I have tried my best to answer the call when our community is in need. Since 2014, I have served as the Chair of Lexington Fairness, advocating for a more equal and just community appointed by former Mayor Jim Gray, I was recently reappointed by Mayor Linda Gorton to continue serving on the Lexington Human Rights Commission and have served the last three years as the agency’s treasurer. Working on behalf of Lexington’s residents has allowed me to form relationships with leaders of faith, our police and fire departments, the business community, and the remarkable people that live and work in our community.

As Kentucky’s Treasurer, I pledge to continue working with community and state leaders to serve the needs of our Commonwealth.

In 2016, we became foster parents and opened our home to some of Kentucky’s most in need. It hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always been the right thing to do. I am proud to call Kentucky home because it is the most beautiful state in our country and has unlimited possibilities. As Kentucky’s next Treasurer I hope to do my part to unleash those possibilities and make sure that future generations can say they are proud to call themselves a Kentuckian.